A yoga photoshoot in the most beautiful Algarve location

Yoga photoshootA few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to a yoga photoshoot near Messines (Algarve) where I spent the most wonderful afternoon with two fabulous gals: Lulu, a long-time yoga teacher and Chloé, a fantastic photographer. Yoga photoshoot During the yoga photoshoot, we had such fun bonding over asanas in the most stunning of locations. The actual photoshoot was to promote the most beautiful house, which is used for holiday lets as well as yoga retreats. It’s situated out of the town of Messiness, yet right on the riverside. It’s incredibly serene and simply perfect in every way. It is known as The River Lodge at Figs on the Funcho. Yoga photoshoot

Yoga photoshoot and the infinity pool

Yoga photoshoot Whilst balancing (trying to anyway!) in various yoga asanas on the side of the infinity pool, we even spotted some wild horses! What a total treat it was to see such majestic animals wandering free in the Algarve countryside. Believe me, I don’t see that very often. I must say, I struggled to do some of the asanas properly on the side of that gorgeous pool because of the little drop on the other side. I’m not the best with heights lol! Hence my dodgy extended side angle pose, above (Lulu’s on the other hand, was perfect!). Yoga photoshoot Yoga photoshoot Yoga Photoshoot Chloé took some of the most breathtaking photos of both the lodge and of Lulu and I doing our thing and it was such a treat, I can tell you.


But the highlight of the day was definitely getting to know these gorgeous gals:


Not Dressed as Lamb




Written by suzyturner