The Power of Positivity notebook

The Power of Positivity Notebook

I’m a HUGE believer in the power of positivity and I’ve read an awful lot on the subject. It’s something that can change your life for the better. Have you ever read anything by the amazing Louise Hay? She’s the expert on the subject, having cured herself of cancer through the power of a positive mind. I read her book, You Can Heal Your Life after losing someone (a teacher) very dear to me, when I was about eighteen years old. Incidentally, the book was given to me by the very teacher who died. I devoured it. It was such an inspiring read and I do believe it helped me become more of a positive person. Sure, I have my moments. We all do. But, ultimately I am known by my friends as someone who always looks on the bright side.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Years ago, a friend of mine borrowed my copy and I never got it back. I’m sure the power of positivity did help her in some way. So, I bought a kindle copy of You Can Heal Your Life last year and re-read it. It had the very same effect on me the second time round too. I have no doubt that I’ll be reading it again in the future.

Why the Power of Positivity?

When friends are feeling down, they often turn to me for advice, or just for a shoulder to cry on. I do believe that I’m a good listener and always seem to make them feel better. It’s something I am very proud of. And it’s also something that has probably led me to become the woman I am now. I love to help people, whether through my words, through a good hug (I’ve been told I do give good hugs!), through a good story (remember, I am an author after all) or through yoga. Which is why I’ve created the Power of Positivity notebook.

The Power of Positivity notebook

Why notebooks?

Writing things down on paper has always been known to help people. It helps them get their worries off their chest. Just seeing them written down is believed to have a cathartic effect. The Power of Positivity notebook contains 100 pages for you to write whatever you want to help soothe your soul. Not only that, but it also contains messages to help you realise how amazing you truly are.

If you’re an author reading this, then you’ll totally understand why I decided to go down the notebook route. Yes, us authors are obsessed with notebooks. Generally speaking, we’ll have them all over the house; give me a pretty notebook and we’ll be friends forever!

The Power of Positivity notebook is available to buy from Amazon. You can get your copy in the US or the UK (or any other region – just search Yogadocious and all the books available will appear). And in the meantime, keep smiling, be happy and remember… a positive mind can heal you – physically, mentally and emotionally.


Suzy <3

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  • Living on Cloud Nine

    I am so incredibly proud of you for starting this venture and inspiring so many people! You know I am a fellow believer in the power of positivity! I don’t think people realize how much positivity can do for health and well-being! I will make sure to tell everyone I know about this site and your notebook! Hugs to you sweet lady on a wonderful venture!

    • Awww Andrea, thank you so very much! I think we’ve always been on the same wavelength, you and I!
      Hugs hugs
      Suzy xx

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