Ease upper back stiffness

Ease upper back stiffness with this short yoga practice

Ease upper back stiffnessHey guys and gals! Today I’ve got a short yoga practice for you, which will help ease upper back stiffness. If you’re an author (like me) or you simply spend way too long sitting at a desk, then this 20 minute class should help.

Some days, after I’ve spent hours on end on my Mac, my shoulders seem to creep up to my ears. It’s such a bad habit that most of us end up doing at some time (even yoga teachers!).

We really need to learn how to relax and how to be aware of our own shoulders. Just now, are you tensing them? I bet you are… even if just a little bit. So right now, I want you to sit back, and just let your shoulders soften. Doesn’t it make a huge difference?

Try and do that a few times a day. Focus your attention on your shoulders, then sit back (or stand upright) and just breathe slowly and allow them to visibly relax. You might need to use your muscles to pull then down to start with (if they’re super tense).

Ease upper back stiffness

As well as doing that, here is a little practice to ease upper back stiffness. It’s not a full-on shoulder / neck class – there are a couple of sun salutations in there as well. But downward facing dogs, extended child pose and the odd seated asana I’ve included will all make your shoulders thank you, I promise.

If you’re looking to ease lower back pain, check out this video as well as this one, which will also help!

Enjoy… and remember to drop those shoulders!

Namaste x

Ease upper back stiffness


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