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Transform your body & mind with yoga

Become more comfortable in your skin

Enhance your overall wellbeing
Strengthen, tone & sculpt your body
Improve your flexibility
Optimise your metabolism
Detox your ‘self’
Lower your stress levels
Have some fun!


Hatha Yoga 
A more traditional style of yoga suitable for all ages and capabilities.

Core Yoga
Ignite your belly bonfire with this flow class suitable for strong beginners which targets the deep core muscles – it’ll make you sweat!



Each class finishes with a deeply refreshing savasana (corpse pose – whereby you lie on your back and relax every muscle) that helps you to enter a fully relaxed state, enabling yourself to soak up all the goodness of the class and release any tension that you might be holding within.



Welcome to my teeny weeny yoga studio…

Classes of 1-2 students can either be held at my little home studio in Monte Canelas (inland from Portimao, Algarve, Portugal) or in the comfort of your own home.
Contact me via email (or use the form, below), call me on (00351) 919556630 or reach out on Facebook or Instagram


One-on-one classes in your home: *25 euros per person (20 euros per person if there are two of you)
Classes in my studio (max 2 students): 10 euros per person

* please note that if you are located out of my catchment area (Alvor / Portimao / Mexilhoeira Grande), I must charge a little extra for fuel.
Classes are approximately 90 minutes long.

Online Classes

PLEASE NOTE that if you’re looking for the kind of yoga classes that’ll have you doing acrobatics, then you’ve definitely come to the wrong place! I avoid anything that may lead to injury. My emphasis is on anatomy and assisting you to feel good – in and out. Namaste <3