A yoga photoshoot in the most beautiful Algarve location

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to a yoga photoshoot near Messines (Algarve) where I spent the most wonderful afternoon with two fabulous gals: Lulu, a long-time yoga teacher and Chloé, a fantastic photographer. During the yoga photoshoot, we had such fun bonding over asanas in the most stunning of …

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Guided Savasana

A guided Savasana – the most important pose in yoga

Savasana, or corpse pose as it’s also known, is the most important pose (asana) in yoga. It’s the very last pose in every yoga session. Although people assume it’s an easy one (after all, you just lie on your back, right?), it’s actually one of the most difficult for many people. Yes, that’s right. It …

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Yoga for digestion

Ease away your tummy pains with yoga for digestion

Yoga for digestion Do you often suffer with tummy ache or digestion issues? Then I’ve got you covered with this short class on yoga for digestion. I actually shot this whilst I was suffering myself, so I know it can help, if even just a little to ease any tummy ache. Unfortunately, my stomach seems …

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Short yoga class

Another short yoga class for beginners

  Last week when I posted my first short yoga class, I was a little embarrassed to be honest. There was, like, zero personality in the video and I was dead serious lol. Believe me, I’m not usually like that. I think I was just a bit nervous in front of the camera. The video …

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15 minute yoga class

A 15 minute yoga class for beginners

A 15 minute yoga class for beginners This is my first yoga video, a short 15 minute yoga class for beginners just to loosen up those muscles and get the body moving a little bit. We get so stiff sitting at our desks day after day, week after week, so I can’t stress enough how …

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The Power of Positivity notebook

The Power of Positivity Notebook

I’m a HUGE believer in the power of positivity and I’ve read an awful lot on the subject. It’s something that can change your life for the better. Have you ever read anything by the amazing Louise Hay? She’s the expert on the subject, having cured herself of cancer through the power of a positive …

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