40 minute yoga

FREE: Full body 40 minute yoga class for all ages

I’m delighted to be back at Yogadocious with a 40 minute yoga class for you. If you’ve been too hot over the summer to try such a long class (ok, so perhaps it’s not so long but for beginners it might seem that way!), now’s the time to start getting back into the swing of things. Cooler mornings are the perfect time to get the body moving and warmed up ready to face the day.

If you’re still thinking about getting out of bed, then check out my free bed yoga routine. It’ll help ease those pesky back aches we so often get from being cooped up in bed for eight hours! Or if you’re looking for a short yoga class try one of these instead: yoga for the upper back, yoga for digestion, 15 minute yoga or another short class for beginners.

40 minute yoga class

Ready? Go grab your yoga mat and let’s get moving to ease those aches and pains…

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  • Author R Mac Wheeler

    Looks like a great extension of your others. Look forward to trying it tonight. Namaste