15 minute yoga class

A 15 minute yoga class for beginners

A 15 minute yoga class for beginners

This is my first yoga video, a short 15 minute yoga class for beginners just to loosen up those muscles and get the body moving a little bit. We get so stiff sitting at our desks day after day, week after week, so I can’t stress enough how important it is to just get up and move your body as often as you can.

Even those little movements, like rolling the shoulders backwards and forwards, stretching the arms out to the side and gently (and mindfully) moving the head from side to side. Every little movement helps to get the body out of that horrible funk we often find ourselves in.

If you’re an author (or blogger perhaps?) you probably do spend way too much time sitting down, so give this short 15 minute yoga class for beginners a go. It’s only a few minutes in your day and I’m sure it will leave you feeling just a little more human.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more yoga classes – they’ll only get better as I slowly learn from my mistakes in front of the camera. You’ll notice I sometimes say shoulders when I mean elbows, for example LOL! And boy was I a fidget in the beginning! But I don’t think I did too badly considering it was my first attempt. Unfortunately, I had some major problems trying to upload the video to youtube and ended up having to lower the quality. But don’t worry, I’ll be looking at ways to improve that too.

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Enjoy and NAMASTE <3

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